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Saturday, July 27 2019


By: Staff Writer

Lakeland - Gianna Wegman is a typical teenager. She enjoys listening to music, playing lacrosse, and hanging out with her friends, but one thing that differentiates her from the rest of her friends is that Gianna is on her way to becoming a well-rounded young adult due to her extraordinary approach to leadership. She not only uses it to inspire others but also to try to make this world a better place.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Gianna, and this is what she shared with us:

NEPG: Which grade are you attending right now?

Gianna: I just graduated from high school and I am on my way to be a freshman at the University of Central Florida.

NEPG: What leadership position are you responsible for?

Gianna: My previous leadership positions include: Student Body President, Yearbook Editor, Class Vice President, Peer Counselor, Camp Counselor, Service Trip Leader, Youth Group Assistant, and Church Acolyte.

NEPG: What has been one of your most recent achievements as a leader in your school/community?

Gianna: I was recently awarded a $2000 student-athlete scholarship from Positive Coaching Alliance that recognizes students nationally who embody the characteristics of service, leadership, and athletics.

NEPG: Tell us about how your leadership approach has influenced others around you.

Gianna: My leadership approach relies heavily on empathy. I recognize that just because I am a leader doesn't mean I am any better than anyone It means that I should strive to understand those that I am leading and aim to help them grow and develop alongside me.

NEPG: What project are you currently working on, which will help you make a difference in your school/community?

Gianna: This summer I plan on volunteering as an assistant lacrosse coach at various camps around the state of FL, helping young girls grow in their confidence both on and off the field. I am also going to try and work as a camp counselor at Camp Gilead, helping students grow in their faith and discovering more about themselves.

NEPG: What would be your message for younger kids who are planning on taking a leader's role within their school/community?

Gianna: My message to younger students would be to believe in yourself that you can make a difference. Although it may sound cheesy, being able to be your #1 supporter and pushing yourself to be a leader and to understand those around you will not only change you for the better as a person, but you will also mpact so many lives along the way. There you have it. We have to say that it was an immense honor for us to be able to get to know Gianna better and we wish her all the best in this new chapter in her life. And before we go, we have a message for her:

Gianna, we are very proud of you. You represent what is great about our young leaders... keep up the good work, and we can't wait to be there with you when you.

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