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Saturday, July 27 2019

By: M.C. Reyes, Editor-in-Chief 

A couple of years ago, I told a good friend of mine, who lives in Orlando, that I was moving to Central Florida. She was excited at the idea of me being close to her so we could do fun stuff together. In the middle of her excitement, she asked me "where in Orlando are you moving to?" When I told her that I was actually moving to Haines City, I could hear her excitement fade away and an "ohhh" right after.

At that time, I wasn't sure what that "ohhh" meant, but not allowing that to interfere with our plans of relocating to the Polk County area, my family and I packed up our belongings and headed this away on a beautiful day on June of 2016.

Fast forward three years, the Haines City that we moved to... the one that made my friend expressed the famous "ohhh" is no longer what it was. Along with us came a huge business boom and a wave of new economic development that made us to no longer be the Polk County's underdog. We are no longer the "joke" of the Polk County area. We are the new Haines City... bigger, better, and ready for what the future is throwing our way.

I'm not going to lie. After we moved, I never saw the reason for my friend's "ohhh" because, from day one, we fell in love with the area. We loved the neighborhood, the ambiance, the small city vibe... but mostly, we loved the people.

In the three years that we have been living here, we have met so many wonderful people. Starting from the lady who cut my daughter's hair at a beauty salon in Posner Park, to the guy who prepared for me the best chicken soup I have ever tasted in my life at Sabrosura Restaurant, to the staff at the chiropractic office who did everything they could to try to "fix" me after the motor vehicle accident that I was part of at the beginning of September of 2017. All these wonderful people made our move to the Northeast Polk area a more pleasant one.

The truth is that, as a military family, we were used to moving every two to three years not only to different houses, cities, states, but also countries but, in the 21 years that we spent moving from place to place, we never felt so at home as we did when we moved to Haines City.

This beautiful city became our new home and, to be honest... we don't see ourselves living in any other place.

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