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Friday, August 02 2019

August 2, 2019

By: M.C. Reyes, Editor-in-Chief

Davenport - Some people think that once you try the New York-style pizzas, you will never go back to eating ordinary pizza. Well, I have to admit that, although I am not a pizza lover, I do love a good calzone, and when they are prepared New York style, I am even more tempted to give them a try. And that's exactly what Luke's Legendary Pizza in Davenport has to offer. When you visit Luke's Legendary Pizza, you won't be just visiting a "down to earth" restaurant; you will also be getting a taste of New York-style food right in the middle of Davenport.

   From their delicious calzones to their tasty and mouth-watering mozzarella sticks, Luke's Legendary Pizza has a great variety of dishes that will make you feel like you are in the middle of New York. And don't get me started on their customer service; this cozy in size but big in personality eatery offers some of the best customer services I have yet to experience in Northeast Polk. They may not be the fanciest restaurant in town, but they surely have the best calzones in the area... and I am very picky with my calzones, so take my word for it.

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