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Friday, August 02 2019

August 2, 2019

By: Luke Nussmeier

Winter Haven - Nala, our household dog, is so special and unique, and she has many quirks and traits that make her uniquely and especially loved. Nala hates the water; anytime you ask her to “swim” or “bath,” or we run the bathwater, she instantly shrinks, folds her ears down, and gives those famous puppy dog eyes. Nala can be quite the rebel.

   For instance, she is not allowed to get on the sofa without being invited, and will not comfy up on it when we are around. However, whenever we return from leaving the house, we will often catch her asleep on the couch, or jumping off and looking guilty.

   Since she is allowed on it when invited, she will always put her head on our lap when we sit on the sofa and look at us with her pleading eyes, which are particularly hard to refuse.

   Nala communicates very well with her body language, and you can always tell by the way she holds her ears how she is feeling, whether they droop, are pushed forward, or laid back. Nala is such a unique and loveable animal and it’s impossible not to smile whenever she is smiling.

 About the Author: Luke Nussmeier is Nala's boy and an accounting major student at UCF.

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