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Friday, October 04 2019


By: Article Courtesy of City of Lake Alfred

Lake Alfred - Lt. Gerald Dempsey presented Lake Alfred Citizen James Walton with a Citizen Recognition Award during the City of Lake Alfred Commission Meeting on September 12, 2019. “I believe that there are about a thousand different ways to keep a beautiful jewel, like the City of Lake Alfred, the Beautiful and Special Place that it is to so many of us who consider it to be an absolute Sacred duty.

   In the performance of doing just that very thing, there was found to be an individual who labors on a daily basis without appointment or salary and who himself goes to great lengths to see that our city remains clean and beautiful…. and who you will come to know now by the name of Mr. James Walton.

   Mr. Walton is a current resident of Southern Gardens and has resided there since 2016, and on a daily basis goes out into the community around him in his motorized mobility cart and cleans it up of any trash that he finds along the way along with his trusty pick up reaching tool.

   Mr. Walton does not let the fact that he is a double amputee get in the way of his daily rounds around our community and of the tasks at hand because of his enduring and insatiable spirit.

   Mr. Walton is a former resident of the Grand State of Tennessee which explains the quiet and dignified way that he carries himself and a former 30-year employee of Cypress Gardens, which is an accomplishment in itself in this day and age.

   Mr. Walton is described as being the outdoors type of man by his daughter Kathy and that he enjoyed hunting and fishing whenever he found possible to do so.

   I found in getting to know Mr. Walton myself that he is the kind of person who takes care of things and makes the world a little more beautiful than it was a moment before, and will always be so because of someone like him being in it.

   One should always take notice in life of the quiet ones who do great things in secret and away from the eyes of others and do so in their own quiet way because they end up having the greatest impact in our lives and in the world around us.

   I would like to thank Mr. Walton and commend him for his unyielding efforts in always keeping our city clean and beautiful. I believe that we should each take from his example, this very same passion and drive to always make the world a better place and take the time to aid in its upkeep and caretaking so that we keep this for those who will come after us to forever enjoy,” said Lt. Dempsey during the award ceremony.

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