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Friday, November 01 2019

By: Jennifer and Elizabeth, Cocoa's moms. 

   “I think they will take me home. Let me act normal. I am a very cute puppy, how could they not like me? I have beautiful green/blue eyes,” said Cocoa to himself after seeing two ladies approaching his kennel.

   “Hi, Baby! Wow, you are so handsome,” said Elizabeth as she sat on the floor with her heart full of joy looking at Cocoa.

   “Are you my new mommy? Will you take me home?” asked Cocoa.

   “Jenniffer, please! I want him so bad !” said Elizabeth to her girlfriend. Jenniffer, Liz's girlfriend then starts to play with Cocoa and tears of joy come running down her cheeks.

   “He is perfect,” Jenniffer said.

   “I agree! ” said Cocoa, as he then lets out a tinkle of joy for his new Moms.

   And, that my friends, is how our beautiful baby boy Cocoa came to be part of our family.

    Cocoa’s welcoming into his new home was a very wet one. He is a short hair Dachshund with more energy than our four-year-old son. And, he gets more attention than Brad Pitt. What makes Cocoa unique than other Dachshunds, you may ask? That's an obvious one! His beautiful blue/green eyes. Cocoa is a life full of energy but with a bladder that cannot hold off a tinkle while being pet by strangers.

   Oh, Cocoa!

   We will never regret the day we got Cocoa, our little hot dog. He loves to run in our back yard but when he does, he does not run, he hops. When he runs and jumps off a ledge, he then converts into Superman! (Super Hot Dog). Cocoa just had a birthday and let me tell you... his first Birthday went as perfect as him. Your moms love you, Cocoa! Our little bunny.

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