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Friday, November 01 2019

By: Melody K. Morales, Guest Contributor.

   If I could have a penny for every time I’ve heard the words “this new generation will be the end of us,” I’d happily be a millionaire. However, that isn’t the case, so instead, let me be the one to jump in the defense of the new generations… my generation.

   Our generation drives diversity and change, and for many, that is uncomfortable. This largescale diversity and change that is driven by our newer generations is not only physical but includes changes in the way we perceive information, process thoughts, and opinions, and then act on them. Our generation directly combats the idea that because something has been perceived and done in a particular way in the past, it has to continue being done that way in the future. The truth is that this makes "us" uncomfortable.

   The fear of the unknown is something that, with the newer generations, has been at the forefront of past generation’s minds. Living in an everchanging and modern world has opened doors for us today, that in the past, had merely been explored. Through the years, education has become more widespread and accessible, fueling the immense curiosity present in the younger generations’ minds.

   Today, our educators drive us to ask “why” and “how”, steering us away from simply accepting an answer for what it is. Therefore, it is possible to see that, with Millennials and Gen Zs, we don’t fear the unknown, but better yet... we explore it.

With time passing, education prevailing, and cultural norms evolving, the outcome has led to a shift in the moral compass of the newer generations. This means that the morals on which we were positioned by past generations have evolved and transitioned into our perception of them. For many, this is daunting and, at times, negatively emphasized, which portrays the youth as selfish and unaware. However, because our thoughts and perceptions are diverse, and because the world we are living in is that much different than the one experienced by previous generations, we “combat” our “battles” differently. Therefore, it isn’t the fact that we are falling short of the morals on which we were raised on, but instead, have shaped those morals into our interpretation of them.

   Overall, our generation’s differences and desire for change can be seen as a threat to the societal view on “tradition.” Instead of suppressing us or telling us we don’t understand, I encourage you to listen, and then ask “why” and “how.” I encourage you to ponder the idea that even though things may have been done a certain way for years, it is okay to deviate and seek alternatives. I ask that you join us in our battle for diversity and change because, after all, we are just trying to understand and make it in a world where the odds are against us.

About the Author:  Melody Morales is a recent graduate of The University of Tampa where she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. She is a human resource professional with a passion for creative writing and thought-provoking discussions.

The views expressed in this article are the author's own.

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