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Friday, November 01 2019

By: Content Provided By The City of Lake Wales.

Lake Wales - Join us helping the City of Lake Wales in congratulating Ronald and Margrit McCown of Highland Crest Cir for being awarded “Yard of the Month” for October 2019.

   The City of Lake Wales Yard of the Month Award recognizes the hard work and pride exhibited by Lake Wales residents who beautify their yards.

   “Yard of the Month” sign provided by the City was placed in their yard and will remain for the duration of the month.

“Yard of the Month” is evaluated and awarded by the Department of Planning and Development Services and is intended to inspire others to improve and maintain their yards and increase the overall quality of life in Lake Wales.

   Have a yard you’d like to nominate? Visit the City of Lake Wales' Facebook page and send them a private message with the information on the yard that you would like to nominate.

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