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Thursday, December 05 2019


Haines City - On Saturday, November 2nd, during the "Somos Haines City" community event, we had the pleasure of meeting the young lady who will be representing Haines City during the 2020 Miss Florida USA beauty pageant, which will be held on January 16-19, 2020. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Miss Haines City USA, Lyzbehtt Rodriguez-Ortiz.

   Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Lyzbehtt moved to Florida in 2013 and currently lives in Haines City. A recent graduate from Valencia College, Lyzbehtt decided to continue her studies at the University of South Florida in which she is pursuing a B.S. in Accounting. She is also a library assistant at the Haines City Public Library.

   According to her presentation packet, Lyzbehtt has participated in various extracurricular activities throughout high school. She was a cheerleader, ROTC cadet, theatre thespian, a member of student government, Spanish club, and more.

   In preparation for the title of Miss Florida USA, Lyzbehtt aspires to not only be a positive role model within the community but to also be a representative of the businesses in the community which helps fuel our economy.

   As part of her role as Miss Haines City, and as a requirement for competing in the Miss Florida USA pageant, Lyzbehtt has the responsibility of attaining sponsors to help assist with her entry fees and with the Miss Florida USA organization's accompanying costs.

   That being said, Lyzbehtt is currently seeking sponsorship from businesses around the area who can help her achieve her dream of becoming Miss Florida USA, and subsequently, help her achieve her personal goal of participating at the Miss USA pageant... but, as we all know, that journey starts with the title of Miss Florida USA.

   According to Lyzbehtt's presentation packet, there are many levels and avenues of sponsorship opportunities available to help her achieve her dream. This includes monetary, products, or services. "All such donations are welcome and will be carried with grace. It's my hope to use your sponsorship to propel me to be Miss Florida USA 2020," mentioned Lyzbett.

   Interested in sponsoring Lyzbehtt during her journey to become Miss Florida USA 2020? Here are the ways you can donate to her fundraising campaign:

   * Visit her GoFundMe page at usa to make a donation there.

   * Sponsors can pay directly through the Miss Florida USA website at

   * Via an invoice: Sponsors can request an invoice payable online via or Paypal. Sponsors can send an invoice request to

   * Via Check: Sponsors can make a check payable to Chrisley Productions, Inc. Be sure to print Lyzbehtt's name at the bottom left-hand corner so that the money goes towards her campaign.

   All sponsorship donations will be 100% tax-deductible as an Advertising expense.

   At The Northeast Polk Gazette, we want to wish Lyzbehtt all the luck in the world and we can't wait for her to become Miss Florida USA 2020.

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