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Thursday, December 05 2019

Content provided by Bridges of Heroes.

Champions Gate - Located in the Champions Gate area, we got to meet a new non- profit organization dedicated to lessening the financial burden of health care costs on veterans and their families by providing reimbursement for out of pocket medical expenses.

   All great causes have real-life drivers behind their formation and Bridges For Heroes is no exception. The real-life drivers that propelled the formation of Bridges For Heroes and the cornerstones that are at its foundation are Experience, Commitment, and Understanding.

   Executive Director Jean Ryan experienced first-hand the complexities of the Affordable Care Act, and how it was not as affordable for everyone as it was advertised to be.

   For a period of time in 2015, Jean was without employer-sponsored health care coverage and needed to look to the Health care Marketplace for coverage in one of the Affordable Care Act qualified plans. She found that, under the Affordable Care Act, she and her husband would be required to select a plan with a $1,200 monthly premium AND each of them would have a $6,500 individual deductible before the plan would cover anything of significance. Even with a government subsidy to reduce the monthly premium, the out of pocket costs were very high and led her to question how those at lower income levels could make ends meet while still having health care coverage.

   In addition, Jean’s personal commitment to serving the less fortunate has been one of her life-long pursuits. Philanthropy has always been a central theme in her life and she has dedicated hundreds of hours and resources to many nonprofit organizations including Junior Achievement, PAWS to Read, Give Kids the World, Covenant House, Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, Girl Scouts of the USA, Financial Peace University and others. Learning more each day about the struggles and challenges active duty and recently discharged veterans face only serves to drive her to ensure that our Service Men and Women receive the care they rightfully deserve.

   Finally, it was Chairman Kirby Ryan’s knowledge and understanding of the health care marketplace that helped make Bridges for Heroes a reality. In his 30+ year career working with physicians, providers, and health plans he has come to understand the complexities of the industry and how to best help those in need. His leadership and knowledge are helping to bridge the gap in understanding the best ways to get the best coverage for those in need.

   Their vision is that no veteran or veteran family struggle to afford the medical services they need. This, as we mentioned earlier, drives their mission to lessen the financial burden of health care costs on veterans and their families by providing reimbursement for out of pocket medical expenses.

   They are committed to helping protect the health of those who raised their right hand – pledging to support and defend us, and pledging their lives for our country.

   Ultimately, they want to ensure that all veterans and their families have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have access to and can afford, health care coverage.

   For more information about this amazing organization, or to apply for assistance, you can visit their website at

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