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Thursday, December 19 2019


By: Staff Writer.


Davenport – On December 17, followers of the City of Davenport’s Facebook page woke up to a public notice posted on the city’s page advising its residents to take action on a letter that was sent, via mail, to some residents in the area.


This is what the public notice said:




Public Notice: Vote No or Disregard


Dear Davenport Citizens,


The City of Davenport would like to inform its citizens that it is not in favor of the request made in the letter that was recently sent out in the mail. If you would please vote no or disregard.


Thank You.


City of Davenport





As expected, this public notice brought a lot of concerned to Davenport’s residents and some of them didn’t waste any time in posting comments about who they felt about the situation. In an effort to gather more information, The Northeast Polk Gazette contacted both cities to hear their side of the story and this is what we got from them:


From the City of Davenport:


This letter went out from the post office recently and is being received by certain residents. There are a number of residents that live in the city of Haines City but have a 33837 address that says Davenport, as well as a number of residents that live in the city of Davenport but have a 33844 address that says Haines City. It appears that Mayor West and the good folks in Haines City are attempting to get a Haines City address for their residents that live in the 33837 zip code. Unfortunately, the letter is very poorly worded and gives the impression that the entire 33837 zip code (which includes all of the City of Davenport as well as unincorporated areas up past Ronald Reagan to I4) would be changed to Haines City which has created a lot of confusion. Also adding to this is the fact that Davenport only found out about this last Friday when a resident that received it brought it to our attention at City Hall. Ideally, we would have preferred for our counterparts in Haines City to at least let us know what was going and even better work together with us on this so that we could resolve the same issue for our residents as well. Instead, we were left in the dark and caught off guard with this notice. We are still trying to get additional clarification and confirmation from the post office,” said Commissioner Brandon Kneeld, who represents Seat 2 on the Davenport City Commission.


From the City of Haines City:


“There are inaccuracies in the post from Davenport. We had no clue this survey was going out at this time and also this is not going to any residents of Davenport. I will get an official statement after the elected officials meet at the commission meeting,” said Haines City’s City Manager Mr. Deric C. Feacher.



At the moment of this report, no official statement from Haines City has been issued, but we will bring that information to you as soon as it’s available.





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