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Thursday, February 06 2020


By: Andrew Kosinski. 

Tampa - Hi, my name is Andrew and I'm Theo's dad. Today I want to share Theo's story. Theo, a 9-week-old SharPei puppy, recently joined me in my home in Tampa where I live while attending college at the University of Tampa. Theo's journey began near St. Augustine, FL, where he was born and spent time with his many siblings. I visited the home where Theo was born and was immediately attracted by his energetic, playful, and adventurous personality. At this point, I knew that Theo would be the perfect companion for my roommate and me.

   Theo has spent the past couple of weeks exploring his new home and learning the ins and outs of a puppy’s everyday life. He started off very shy, but Theo has grown accustomed to his new home and loves to explore every little corner of his community. You can often find him on walks trying to eat any leaves, dirt, or wood chips in his way. His days usually consist of many naps, playtime with his best pals Kona and Sway, and his stuffed hippo, long walks with me, and even more naps where he snores the day away.

   Theo can sometimes get himself into some mischief because of the fact that he is very curious. Although many things intimidated him at first, he has now lost most of his fears. Theo still has a lot left to learn, and we are excited to see how his personality evolves, and what other adventures he will get into with time.

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