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   Unprecedented - that’s typically the word of choice for describing the population growth in the Four Corners region. Various estimates put the greater Davenport area among the fastest growing in the state, if not the nation. In just four years here, I’ve watched multiple developments, mostly neighborhoods, spring up all along our corridors. Imagine how shocking that must be for longtime residents that have been here for forty years, growing up on rural boulevards where everybody knew everybody, work was local, and citrus was king.

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By: Alex Morales-Hernandez, Guest Contributor   

   After more than 21 years in the military, and most of them spent abroad, I was one of those people who thought that my vote didn’t count. I guess I was wrong!

   Shortly after my retirement, I started to pay more attention to what was happening to our county and realized that I was guilty about the same things I was complaining about.

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 By: M.C. Reyes, Member of the Editorial Board

   "We are all in this together " is a phrase that people who care about one another usually use when working together for a common goal or cause. But, what does that phrase really mean? Well, let me tell you what it means.

   As a society, we need to realize that, whatever happens around us, not only affects one person... in reality, it affects all of us. Why? Because again, "we are all in this together."

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