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Monday, July 29 2019

By: Liz Nussmeier, Contributing Writer

Winter Haven - Harry’s Old Place is located at 3751 Cypress Gardens Road, and has been a favorite seafood restaurant in Winter Haven for 30 years. It has a casual and friendly vibe, offering delicious fresh seafood and steaks. They also offer a variety of yummy appetizers, as well as a full bar. What makes Harry’s a unique dining experience is that, while they have a menu that is pretty well constant, there are also menu boards that list the ever changing menu items, based on the freshest catch of the day. Portions are generous, and the prices at Harry’s are very reasonable too. I had a bucket of steamed mussels in a garlic wine sauce, which were excellent, the wahoo and swordfish were amazing, and the heavenly sauce, well it's heavenly; a friend loves the strawberry margarita. Be warned that parking is at a premium, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings, so plan accordingly. As a bonus, if you sign up for it, you can receive via mail a birthday card and coupon for a free entree to be used any time during your birthday month.

Harry’s Old Place on Lake Ned is open for lunch and dinner, a definite dine!

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