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Friday, August 02 2019

July 5, 2019

By: Staff Writer

Haines City - We had the opportunity to interview Sway’s mom, Melody, and this is what she had to say about her little boy and his best friend Kona.

NEPG: Can you tell us a little bit about Sway and Kona’s personalities?

Melody: Sway and Kona are very similar in their playful and active personalities, but mainly their mischievousness. They love being little trouble makers, especially when they are together. They have so much energy. Kona is a playful and loving black lab and pointer mix puppy. She is almost 7 months old, so she is definitely in her toddler phase. Sway is about to be 2 years old, but when he is around Kona, he definitely channels his puppy years.

NEPG: Tell me a funny story about something that happened to them.

Melody: While Ryan (Kona’s dad) was trying to potty-train Kona, there would be times when she would have accidents inside the house. If I was over at Ryan’s house with Sway, he would feel bad when Kona got in trouble for peeing in the house. So sometimes we would be sitting on the couch and they would be playing around and, all of a sudden, there would be two puddles. One for Kona and one for Sway, even though Sway was already potty-trained. So, Sway probably felt bad for his friend and so she wouldn't feel bad, he would pee too, even though he knew he was supposed to go outside.

NEPG: What are their favorite things to do as friends?

Melody: Their favorite thing to do is run around in circles after each other. Sway is tiny in comparison to Kona, but he is fast and agile. Kona is a lot bigger, but since she is a puppy, she can be clumsy at times, therefore she struggles to catch Sway. She is slowly catching up to him though. They also love to share their toys. Kona loves all of Sway’s toys and always picks one up and brings it to Sway, so he can join in on the fun. Sway tends to get jealous and tries to steal the toys from Kona. But he also doesn’t mind sharing. He just prefers to have her chase after him since he loves being faster than her.

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