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The Northeast Polk Gazette
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What Matters to Us

As a non-profit news organization, The Northeast Polk Gazette is fully funded by individual members, major charitable gifts, foundations and community partnerships. We depend on these contributions to continue our mission. 

The Northeast Polk Gazette does not deliver returns to private investors. The donors, sponsors, grantmakers, partners, board members and/or the individuals who support our mission financially do not influence our coverage, news, or stories.

Our mission, our vision, and our core values help us keep our focus on the type coverage/news/stories we want to pursue.


Our Mission

To provide our community with a publication that cares about them... about their stories.


Our Vision

To make this newspaper a great source of information for those looking for a different kind of news related to their community.


Our Core Values

We work hard to provide our customers with top-notch services clearly established by us using a series of core values that distinguish us from the rest. Our core values that describe our commitment to our readers and to customers and to their businesses are:

* Honesty and Integrity - Our business approach carries a high degree of honesty and integrity, not only towards our business but also towards our customers.

* Loyalty - Our commitment to our community goes beyond and above our call of duty.

* Respect - We strive to treat our employees and our customers with a high degree of respect. Our business treats others, as we would like to be treated.

What Drives Us

As of right now, our main goal is to continue publishing the newspaper as a monthly publication, but depending on the acceptance that the paper receives from the community, we may even do it biweekly or even weekly if we get the right support from sponsors and businesses. This newspaper is currently being strategically placed in different businesses around the Northeast Polk County area and is also available in its e-Version on our website.

One of our future goals with this publication is to be able to increase the copies we are currently distributing from 1,000 to 4,000 in the next year, and to 8,000 during its third year.

Another future goal that we have with this publication is to be able to offer a paid-internship for college students who are interested in journalism to help them gain experience in the field while putting in practice what they have been learning in college.

Last, but not least, another future goal that we have is to be able to create a scholarship for high school senior students who are interested in furthering their passion for journalism. This scholarship will provide the selected student a small financial aid to be used to cover some of the student’s college expenses. 


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